Saturday, January 21, 2012

the provo scene

for as long as i can remember, people have been talking about how a great provo arts scene is just on the horizon.  indeed, it always seems to be on the cusp without ever tipping over.  the last month has been filled with events that have made me feel more confident that it could tip one day--a great exhibit in BYU's Harris Fine Arts' Center,  the strong showing and interest i got at my poetry reading and at our last Locust Salon, the little zines and poetry readings that are popping up around town, my neighbor who's at Pratt right now, and a lot of other little examples.  if nothing else, people are serious about their art--mormons tend to be serious about their lives in general, it seems.

so, after a horrid day at the mall, (i heard a man saying this to his wife, who was trying on boots:  "karen, you know you can't get away without a heel.  your legs are too short." i had to go immediately to see's chocolates for a free sample to calm myself down after that.)  i ran into my dear friend andi's bread art in this video featuring andi's amazing bread and some of the provo artists on the scene here.  kinda cool.

if i may be so bold, though, i want to see my fellow mo's get a lot more courageous about their aesthetics.  we need to not be timid, people--a)  we're weird. get over it and stop trying to fake normalcy and fit in, b) this means we have all kinds of strange and cool resources in our backgrounds to draw upon, and c) accept the fact that we got it goin' on.

tights: will be wearing turquoise tights, i think.

looking forward:  to music night at jane's.  just made pasta puttanesca to bring.

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  1. Love this post! Love the scene at the mall! Really entranced by anything that defies my old expectations of Provo. Thanks for keeping me posted! Looks like you were able to embed a video, too! Thanks a good sign.