Friday, January 27, 2012

cameras, bones, holey tights, the road to jericho

once again, i have way too many things to say.

i saw the very strong documentary film five broken cameras today at the sundance film festival, and am in the process of writing a complete review to post here in the next day or two.
still from five broken cameras

but once again, this film hit me hard with the truth: that when we cease to see individuals and see groups/races/castes/genders/religions/preferences instead of the wounded individual on the road to jericho who needs us to pour oil and wine into his wounds, the world is an effed up place.

on the way home from the film, we stopped at les madeleines for their much lauded kouing-aman pastry.  this pastry is not over-hyped.  it's for real, and worth the $5.50 a pop, the long line you have to wait in, and the attitude they give you behind the counter.  if you're in salt lake city, i would for sure put this place on your list.

kouing-aman pastry from les madeleines

also, i began gabrielle hamilton's memoir blood, bones, and butter.  i've been very excited about this book, as it feeds into my obsession with chefs, food writing, prune, and drama.  i was not disappointed in chapter one.  check this out:

just started this--chapter one is a thumbs up

"prying back the lid on a fifty-gallon barrel of silver glitter--the kind that took two men and a hand truck to wheel into the paint supply room of the shop--and then shoving your hands down into it up to your elbows is an experince that will secure the idea in your heart for the rest of your live that your dad is, himself, the greatest show on earth. (p. 9)"

legwear:  charcoal cheetah tights.  one hole over each big toe now.  wonder how many more wearings i'll get?  the holes are still small enough that i can scooch them over to the side of each big toe and pretend they're not there.  once they slip down over the toes, i think i'll make like my friend, style-maven andi p-d, and cut out the crotch and off the feet, ballerina style, and wear them as false & fitted sleeves. under any and everything, like andi p-d, who looks fabulous 24-7.

does anyone out there have any good holey tights stories?

and if your tights have holes, post a comment here to win some super-duper fancy new ones.

inspiration:  glitter, witnessing, being willing to die for what you believe in.

looking forward: dinner date with husband--love friday night for this!!!!!!! will report on where we go later.