Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm in awe of Lara's day and her weather, the fact that she had snow while here it was over 50 degrees and sunny and almost too warm for tights. I'm wondering how she found time to write on a Saturday. My Saturday's have been mostly cantankerous. Today, after packing away all of the holiday decorations, I dragged our Xmas tree by three bungee cords about ten blocks to Tompkins Square Park for Mulchfest. S carried the wreaths which we would also mulch. It was good to get out of our apartment, which often feels so small and dark, but granted not as small, dark and full as this. (Although this is where I live and what I live in--in all senses, a tight place)

Mostly, I am in pain from yesterday's accident, have a low-level migraine, and am feeling very mortal.

When I started this blog nearly a week ago, I thought if I could keep conscious of the moments in my days I could keep myself from feeling cantankerous or negative. I didn't think about the fact that some days I would forget to be conscious.

I remembered today how easy that is.

Tights: Thin and black. Sat in the park after contributing my tree to the mulch pile, to cheer myself I read fantastical fiction.

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  1. we saw low a year ago at kilby court and bought their christmas album on vinyl. the dude is a rad performer, kind of mesmerizing. the chick is underwhelming.

    i'm in awe that you have your holiday decs packed away and that you lugged your tree ten blocks by yourself. mine are still languishing.

    i think the first few weeks of the year are always hard, concious or unconcious. especially if you're in pain. . . .