Sunday, January 15, 2012

Face to Face

From a review of Entres Nous: Essays on Thinking-of-the-Other:  For Levinas, ethics begins with our face to face interaction with another person—seeing that person not as a reflection of one's self, nor as a threat, but as different and greater than self. Levinas moves the reader to recognize the implications of this interaction: our abiding responsibility for the other, and our concern with the other's suffering and death."

Temperatures hovering at about 15 degrees, it would have been easy to let this day melt (not the most appropriate verb) into yesterday, to say inand curl up with Jeffrey Eugenides' new nove, The Marriage Plot, which I'm enjoying so much, I'm in pain.  

Do you think of significant swaths of your life that way--days indistinguishable from each other?  Even recent weeks appear in one's memory as a blur.  In my attempt to do something free and "blog worthy"--in my now obsessive attempt to make each day in 2012 distinctive -I made A. walk briskly with me through the weather to four or five neighborhood galleries.  We basically went where this week's Time Out NY told us to go:

1.  Benjamin Kress "Somebody, Anybody, Nobody" at Callicoon Fine Arts on Forsythe

2.  David Gilbert "Angels" at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery on Ludlow

3.  Various Artists "Facetime" at On Stellar Rays on Orchard

4.  Robert Hegeveld "ersatz" at Mulherin + Pollard on Chrystie

Plus, we went to the gallery formerly known as Fluxus and talked to the artist responsible for the "taxidermied" bat art that on the walls.  Gallery owners seemed generally pleased we had ventured out in subfreezing temps on a holiday weekend.  It felt good to put in the effort.  We interacted in real time some humans we had never met, and I'm still basking in the afterglow. 

Speaking of glow--check out the gold glittery booties I spotted on a woman boarding the F            train with me on Friday night.  (These are far better than today's quotidian cold-weather leg wear.)

David Gilbert photography (Malcolm Lowery cover part of the detritus he photographs!

Gold glitter booties about to step onto the F train.

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