Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hitting a vein

breyers has this ice cream flavor, chocolate crackle, with thin veins of cocoa-y chocolate. the best thing is when you hit a vein, and you get this flaky shard of chocolate that melts on your tongue.

it's a great flavor amongst ice creams available in the freezer aisle, but

i'm looking for a vein of really good chocolate right now amidst the vanilla.

or should i be looking for the vanilla in the vanilla?

what is there to look forward to?

*jon stewart in bed (on t.v. or irl--whatever j.s. wants)
*catching up on my laundry
*making caramelized onion mac n' cheese for the college kids tomorrow--a last hurrah
*an hour to read and write poetry tomorrow
*seeing friends
*wearing the butterfly mood ring moses gave me after dinner tonight
*next week, when the semester settles into its rhythm

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