Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the middle

today i'm thinking about the middle.

i did nothing big today, no brainstorms, no inspirations, nothin' like that. just the middle. i got up and did my job, and in my current mid-afternoon slump, i'm just hoping for the inspiration to keep doing my job until bedtime.

maybe a poem?

it's one of those days where i'm just hoping not to screw anything up too badly. a modest goal for the day.

ingrid taught mary cassatt's woman with a pearl necklace to my ekphrasis students. it's really a beautiful portrait, and i guess if i had to pick one moment of illumination from my day today it would be the second i noticed that the subject of cassatt's painting was sitting in front of a mirror looking outward. ingrid commented on how many portraits of women depict the sitter looking into the mirror, at herself. i loved the energy of the woman looking out--so open, almost brave--under the splendid light of the chandelier.

maybe openness and light is the theme of the day.

tights: i'm in a rut with my charcoal and black leopard tights, but ingrid rocked these brick red vintage danskins that i gave her two christmases ago, purchased at the now defunct coal umbrella. the danskins feature a seam down the back of the legs, a hole at the ankle, and a long run over the right knee. student genevieve also had a good look: maroon tights covered with teal and black knee socks, then black riding boots.

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  1. I'd never seen this painting, but you both are right about it: it's incredibly modern and exuberant.

    I LOVE your post today, esp the part about not wanting to screw anything up too badly. And I, too, am in a tights rut.