Friday, January 13, 2012

wings of a dove

this is the first, but surely not the last, time i will blog about dolly parton.

i think she's magic.

today i saw her new movie with queen latifah joyful noise. it was absolutely hideous, and i loved every minute of it. kind of like an episode of glee about gospel choirs.

the full-length choir numbers were fantastic. dolly barely has any voice left, but even then, it's ten times the voice of most other singers. everything in between the numbers was super awkwardly written, acted and directed. fun, though.

but my point is this: in one scene, the motley assortment of singers is on the choir bus and one of the choir members is bummed out, on his third marriage, living in a no account podunk town, newly fired with no job prospects in sight. he tells vi rose (latifah) that he doesn't know if he'll ever feel the spirit again. she reassures him that he will.

today my thing to look forward to, my free thing, my good thing, is that i know sometime soon i'll feel the spirit again. i always do.

love dolly's look in this video, her voice, and this fantastic song. hope you like it, too.

hope the spirit descends upon you any time now.


legwear: jeans. jeggings. whatever you call them these days. i've been wearing them for a few days in a row now, when i'm not at work. cecily came home form school and said, "mom, why are you all dolled up?" i guess it was the lipstick and earrings, because the outfit wasn't much. guess i haven't been bringing it lately. need some fashion engergy, stat.

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