Wednesday, December 5, 2012

festive frocks

it's party season, and i'm ready for some celebration.

this weekend is a hanukkah party at anna's.  my first hanukkah event ever.

anna will be in full glitz, and wants me to do the same.

well, okay,

i guess i kinda want to go full glitz, too.

what is everyone wearing this season?

julie picked out this dress for me at h & m.

anna meanwhile is checking out the sugarhouse d.i. for something vintage for me.

and i, meanwhile, wonder if i can get just a teensy little $4,000.00 mortgage on my house for this

valentino cocktail dress.  it's just a solid investment, really:


here's my  inspiration,  to you from me,  for the season:

go all out!

don't neglect the glitter & shine this year.

even if it's cheap and tawdry, come on!

it's dark out there!

you do anything you need in order to get a little more twinkle into it!

legwear:  black tights (when i wear black tights day after day, it means things are busy and tight.)

looking forward to:  hanukkah.

inspiration:  what julie said today about eva and anna--to paraphrase--that she was really touched by

how much effort they put into making life beautiful and fun even in difficult circumstances.  i concur.

1 comment:

  1. I love your urging for glitter and glam. YES! I love all things that sparkle. Will I wear it? I dunno. Perhaps.

    Both of these dresses are lovely. The first one way sexy. Nice. The second one, sexy in a cute way. Either one: perfect.

    Hi, Julie ...

    Love, Marti