Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bicycle Wheel

 Tired of the daily slog of this blog.

But loving having contact with Lara. 

I wish Lara had been with me today when I had this roasted vegetable quinoa salad, although I had just put my fork in when I had to run out for a kid-related issue.

Later, I went out for exactly 30 minutes to see my friend's boyfriend play in this ambient chaos ensemble.  Yes, that is a bicycle wheel.

Which reminds me:  

I've been listening to Culture Shock 1913, a local NPR broadcast--which you can listen to if you click --on the impact of early modernism:  the riot at the Rites of Spring, how uncomfortable Freud made everyone with his sexy talk, what a scandal Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase caused, among many other things.  Two questions:  How would have I reacted to it all?   Would I have been living in New York?--Maybe in Greenwich Village, which was at the time scandalously bohemian.  I like to think so.  And I think about the fact that my grandma was alive in 1913 and four years old. 

Can this kind of scandal be something I can recreate in my own tiny way?  Like in my art?

Lara, is that dumb?  Is anything artistically scandalous anymore?

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