Sunday, December 2, 2012

strife tree

tree trouble & definitely the best christmas movie ever.

for a few years now i've been threatening to get an artificial tree for christmas. we haven't had one year ever that the tree choosing and erecting didn't cause at least a modicum of drama.  the same with this year.

today we got our tree and put it up, and now that the drama's over, i can honestly say it's beautiful, all lit up, with one branch, decorated by moses, sporting 7 ornaments and a ten-inch skeleton.

does anyone find that the older you get, the more sappy you get about this kind of stuff?

but anyway, i swear, when the artificial trees go on clearance after the holidays this year, i'm getting a sparkling silver tinsel pre-lit tree, and i swear, no more tree drama ever again.

pictures of the tree will go up on the blog tomorrow.

legwear:  grey herringbone with silver thread, from julie

looking forward: to dinner at bam's tomorrow, saturday night live tonight.

inspiration:  my creative kids plus anna and d.j. with all their fancy holiday decorating.  thanks guys!


  1. I'm going to suggest that you might miss the tree drama. Just a thought.

    1. oh, dear. you might be right, darnit.

  2. You really like the tights!?!?!

    Plus, I love this post title.