Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Night Non-Sequitur

If you're in NYC on a Saturday night and need a place to grade papers and/or exams (because what else, really, do you do in NYC on Sat night) with good wifi, food and drink, a charming bathroom and a large lovely antique clock, then you should go to Croissanteria.

It was in Croissanteria last night where I had a machiatto, a made-in-cafe chocolate croissant and graded all but one of my students' languishing midterm exams.

As a complete non-sequitur, in another cafe on another midweek day, I'm wasn't sure about my tights.

I had a realization walking around tonight after getting a rather hideous passport photo taken--I spent the weekend doing only what I had to do.  Nothing more.  So I'm just treading water--not making an investment to really turn things around.

Just thinking.

1 comment:

  1. i love the tights on you, and the new shoeboots. i always want to see your whole outfit and also to hear the logic in how you put it together. fashion tutorials, girl!
    well, on the upside, you did stuff you had to do, hopefully loosening up next week a bit! xo