Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Bring the Funk

I'm super busy this week and into the weekend.

Super tired.  Feeling overwhelmed, and trying to shrug off the stress. Tightness, man. No time to gather gifts for my mama's Xmas box.

Tonight I rode my bike without lights home in the dark.

On the way, I saw a guy riding his bike in the dark down the Bowery in traffic, steering with one hand.  The other hand gripping the top of a little Xmas tree.  It was pretty adorable.

In light of the season, which I decided years ago just to embrace, I'm posting a medley which includes one of my favorite Xmas songs--which A. just happened to co-write with the singer in the white afro. It's called "Santa Bring the Funk," yo. Wait for it.

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