Saturday, December 1, 2012


so many great veils.  and a ton of other great clothes, actors, choreography, music,  etc., etc.
1.  do see the new anna karenina. an amazing script by tom stoppard and virtuosic performances by every british actor who's ever been in a jane austen movie.

2.  don't cry for six hours straight.  or have children unless you like the feeling of your heart getting chopped up into tiny pieces with a dull knife.

3. do wear hats with veils on them.

4.  don't fry your belgian fries in oil that's not hot enough.

5.  if you are going to disregard my warning about having children, be sure you do have, as one of those children, an awesome fourteen year old who loves to babysit.

6.  don't sell your great british chocolate bar company to hershey's (highly disppointing cadbury bar tonight).

7.  do write three morning pages each day. no matter what.

8. don't cast non-singer actors in operatic musical roles (such as les mis.)

9.  do make paper snowflakes out of your husband's discarded drafts of musical compositions.  the notes look so pretty on the flakes.

10.  don't eat pizza, waffles, and fries as a late night snack after the age of twenty-five.

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