Friday, December 28, 2012

Searching for the End

Even after almost a year of consistent blogging, blogging hasn't become any easier.

I have no idea of what to say tonight.

Mostly, I'm tired . . . and sick.  As I type, my nose is running.  Throat hurts.  Coughing.

How boring.

What has made me happy today:

Making another phyllo-dough apple-thingy for a dinner party tonight.

Listening to (New Jersey's) WFMU streaming.

Listening to (Salt Lake City's) KRCL streaming.

Listening to the holiday Bach Fest on (New York City's)  WKCR streaming.

Finding out that the band of a good friend of ours was the download of the day pick on Rolling Stone's website.

Easting satsuma tangerines.

Buying a big plastic bear of New York state honey.

Buying marshmallows for the fondue I'm going to make on New Year's Eve.

Working on a story set on Christmas Eve inspired by a friend who was born on 12/12/66.  He died unexpectedly a few weeks after 9/11/01.

The downside is I didn't take a single photo today.

Here's a little indie Xmas song I found randomly in my search for a way to end this post:

1 comment:

  1. Your happy list makes me happy too. What makes me sad is the thought that this blog experiment may be over at the end of 2012. Is that what's about to happen? Now I'm wishing for my own bag of tangerines to drown my sorrow. Hope you feel better soon.