Saturday, December 8, 2012


moses, doing his best to stay focused.
does anyone else have children who mock them constantly?

today my kids mocked/complimented my outfit and then mocked my blogging.

as in (in sarcastic voice) :

"here's mom's blog post today:  1)  took kids to christmas party.  2) went to smith's to get mo's haircut. . . ."

so, not wanting to disappoint them or anything, plus because i don't have anything super interesting for you today, here is "mom's cheesy blog post":

1) kids to church christmas brunch.  it was quite charming.  members of the congregation shared some pretty hilarious anecdotes from holidays past.  and the children sang.  there's moses, singing and wiggling, and wiggling some more.

2) picked up two boxes of apples from allred's.

3) picked up two gingerbread house kits, in the hopes that eva and anna will come to provo tomorrow and make them with us.  and also make sufganyinot with me.

4)  worked on seminar paper.

5) got car inspected, registered, and oil changed.

6) mo's haircut so he can look fabulous at hanukkah party tonight.

7) grocery shopped.

8) rearranged furniture.

9) ate 99 cent fish taco from del taco.  surprisingly good on account of super finely shredded cabbage & fresh lime.

10) picked up hostess gift for tonight.

cecily, chatting up santa.
still to do:

11)  make apple sauce and apple crisp for party tonight.

12) get kids dolled up for party.

13)  get lula to do my party bun and make-up.

i'm feeling manically festive today.  and i woke up with 5.30 a.m., unable to sleep any more, so i'm definitely in something like a manic moment right now.

gotta reign it in.

or enjoy it.

not sure which.


legwear:  pink tights

inspired by: stories, shopping, kids

looking forward: to party after party.


  1. We kid because we care! I am always just hoping for the validation of making you laugh. Also you do funny things sometimes.

    1. the mockery is usually spot-on. that's the problem.