Friday, December 7, 2012

Starart: An Uninspired List

 1.  Just got home from writing group and worked my way down the avenue, wandering into shops.  I bought one Xmas gift and stared for awhile at this book cover above at Mast, which carries used books you never knew existed.  I asked the shop worker what the music he was playing was, and it was Gene Clark--one of the founding members of the Byrds.

2.  Before that, I stopped by my kids' old elementary school's holiday craft fair and picked up a few items.  I have to say that overall, it's a pretty great fair.  I bought notebooks from a mom who told me those very same books were going to be sold in the MoMA gift shop forthwith.  Check out the lovely big handcrafted wreath I spotted there.

3.  Before that, I was at work, and before that I was bicycling to work.  Before that I was in my bed, sleeping very deeply, shocked that I had to get out of it.

Tights:  gray

Inspiration:  I hate to say it, but being in the holidays.  Hanukkah starts tomorrow.

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