Friday, December 7, 2012


to celebrate my last day of class, eva took me to dinner at kathmandu in salt lake city tonight.

delicious samosa, lamb, bread and raita.  eva ordered the chow chow spicy, and it was just too much for me.  eva impressed the waiters by eating it.  they kept stopping by the table to see if she was actually eating it.  at some point it may have become a point of pride with her to eat an entire serving of the spicy dish.  i wonder how she's feeling now?  the dude at the restaurant recommended she drink a large quantity of room temp water.

i'm a little tired of daily blogging, too, like julie.  it's mostly because i have so many ideas, but not enough time to do justice to them.  so i'm doing my best, and hoping that there's something important about just finishing, or enduring to the end, as my people say.

i'm super exhausted, in a good way.

very productive day.

it's thursday night and i'm done.

for the moment, things couldn't be better.

that's really all you need to know.

p.s.--julie, i got the dress!

legwear:  black pointelle. again.

inspiration:  hearing eva and d.j.'s india stories at dinner.

looking forward: to catching up on a whole lot of stuff i let slide during the semester.


  1. funny that i took a picture of food on my blog on the same day! AND later, i got Indian food for the fam from this quirky little Sikh-run all-veg take-out on Houston Street that's known for its spicy dishes. (One large with three mains over rice, two samosa and one chai set me back six bucks.) How nice of Eva to take you out! And I'm super duper excited you got the dress. I demand a photo of you at the partay!

  2. Where is Katmandu (this rest)? It looks amazing.