Friday, November 30, 2012

poetry crush marosa di giorgio

uruguayan poet maroso di giorgio
tonight i heard the wonderful adam giannelli read his translations of marosa di giorgio, after he handed out a quail egg for each audience member to hold.  adam played recordings of maroso reading in spanish, and her readings were stunning.

buy this book, people.  i'm serious
i look forward to spending more time with the poems, and i recommend picking up this gorgeous book with facing page translations, for holiday presents.

(this is a plug for making poetry a bigger part of your life and sending some love in the form of money to publishers of poetry by doing a radical thing called buying volumes of poems.)

"I saw them open their lips, black as the night, their gold teeth, after an almond, a pumpkin seed.

To face one's own mark, playing and fighting; and in love without others, to twist until death."

xo, y'all.

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  1. What a cool reading! A reading you deserved.