Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a good fortune?

i was pretty psyched when i broke open a fortune cookie and found this prediction:

"your talents will be recognized this year and suitably rewarded."

but then my neuroses kicked in:

"eva, does this mean by the end of 2012 or does it mean by the time twelve months have passed from the opening of the cookie?"

eva: "twelve months.  if it's gonna happen in the next month, it will only be small-scale recognition, and you don't want that."


so i pin it to my office wall.  look at it occasionally.  begin to read it neurotically again:

"your [modest] [absent] [negligible] [insignificant] talents will be recognized this year and will be suitably rewarded [with a] [modest] [negligible] [insignificant] [etc.] [reward]."

that's how we roll around here.

legwear: new pointelle tights, again

inspiration: susan howe's book that this

looking forward to: stephen colbert

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