Friday, November 2, 2012

julie update

i had a brief exchange with julie on facebook yesterday, while she had a moment of internet access at a friend's apartment.  i hope she won't mind me posting an update on the conditions in the lower east side:

no heat, no way to cook.
no way to keep food.
no water damage. it's pitch black after 6.
feels dangerous on the streets.
yes, sleeping at home. living by candlelight.
flashlights and batteries are necessities.
but we are very lucky.
it's hard to imagine the monumentally important manhattan brought to its knees like this.  i'm optimistic, though, because one thing new yorkers are really good at
is being really good at things.
the city will recover, and be better than ever, i predict.
in the meantime, i'm so glad that julie's apartment escaped damage, and that she and her family are safe, and i'm so, so sad for everyone who lost so much.  
here's one way to help:

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