Thursday, November 15, 2012

a bullet

me and mom.
last night was pretty scary.  things are looking much better today.  the worst case scenario seems to not have come to pass.

christian put it really well:

"your mom has dodged more bullets than james bond."


so i'm wrung out, week with relief, now making plans again for thanksgiving feasting.

of course i'll make my mom's famous rolls, and you should, too,

but only if you like super delicious, magical, pillowy goodness.

these make a ginormous batch, so make half for thanksgiving day and half for leftovers, and make sure to do a few orange rolls or pecan rolls for dessert/breakfast, tea or whatever.

legwear: pleather jeans (or an outfit that lula claims "has a little claw in it.")

inspiration: resilience

looking forward: 30 rock, my girl fey


  1. Yeah! I'm relieved, too. Go Wendy!

  2. I wonder if pillowy rolls are a regional thing. They've never been on my Jewish mother-in-law's Thanksgiving table as long as I've attended. She buys crusty rolls from this place:

    1. i think the sweet, pillowy rolls my mom makes are popular with the mo's. they're almost a dessert item even without an orange or cinnamon filling and glaze.