Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday. Sigh.

I have almost nothing to say.

Today has been a transition day.

A day of getting to languishing work, unpacking suitcases, and looking for (still!) lost keys and textbooks that never made it home from school last Wednesday.

The last ripe tomatoes from the Farmer's Market were gathered.  Today I ate the last of the apple pie.  I wore my new Dansko shoes around the apartment.  These shoes are so new and cool, they're not even on the company's site.  I know what you're thinking--you ALWAYS think "cool" when you think "Dansko."

They've helped me (kind of) keep the angst at bay.
Brand new boot shoes on a dirty floor


  1. they look fantastic on you! today i've been considering an oxblood doc martin boot. is that a possibility? love the argyle tights, too.

  2. i wanna see the entire outfit now.