Wednesday, November 28, 2012

small & barely perceptible

finished paisley notebook yesterday, started teal feather journal today.
monday and tuesday were full and pretty frantic, so today was slow and a little dull, a tiny bit depressing.  but a few small, good things happened.

sexy close-up of my artist's shrine/altar thingy.
1) yesterday i finished another artist's way morning pages notebook.  i did the artist's way last summer and, though i didn't have the huge breakthrough that some adherents profess to, i'm still noticing the changes that continue to occur.  now i'm quite wedded to the act of  spending time every morning writing in a meditative writing practice, one that's separate from my artistic writing practice.  a sitting meditation or a silent prayer practice has never worked  for me, but this notebook thing.  i'm trying not to sound fanatical about it.

as a formerly cynical person who didn't believe in anything. . . . i might be starting to develop some sort of. . . belief?


i can't believe i said that.

if you squint, these kind of look like a cool textile print or something.
2) sweet potato/russet potato garlic home fries.  the way they looked all lined up on the baking sheets, kind of design-y and all, brought me a surprising amount of pleasure.  and then they looked great after they were roasted and browned.  and then they tasted great.

(hint:  it's all about the flaky salt, which you should add before, during, and after the roasting process.)

believe me when i say:  flaky salt must be applied before, during, and after
3) moses was home recovering from strep throat today.  it's a great moment when, suddenly, the antibiotics have done their job and the kid starts eating and jumping around and laughing again.  i always say strep throat trumps a virus any day. (except when you're an adult :( )  24 hours of pink liquid and you're golden.

i might need to ask for her new book, dream more, for christmas. . . .
4)  dolly parton and stephen colbert singing love is like a butterfly together.  i'm sorry.  i know i need to join a dolly super fan support group, but i love her SO much.  i love her laugh, especially, and the way, even though she's lost a lot of her voice to age, she still works it, still has so much soul.

legwear: yoga pants

looking forward to: seeing anna karenina with friends this weekend

inspiration: dolly's laugh

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  1. I completely get your Dolly thing. She's a "beacon of bliss." Love the duet!