Saturday, November 17, 2012

Catching Up

I began the day at the Moby Dick marathon reading at Housing Works.  This reading is actually taking place at three venues this weekend, and it took me awhile to that to sink in:  HW in Soho, Word in Greenpoint and a bookstore out in Greenpoint (Magnolia?  Macaroon?).

Can I just say that when you read aloud for an audience it is a performance.  You can't mumble when you're reading 19th century prose, especially Melville's.  The reading is full of some well known writers who I hope understand this.  I'm going to try again at this thing tomorrow.

I had to then rush home and prepare for S's bday party, which meant packing her cake, candles, etc.  We were going to have the cake plus pizza at a generic pizza joint before sending S and her five friends to Wreck-It Ralph in 3D.

While they were in the movie, I forced A to go to the vegan East Village institution Angelica Kitchen with me.  We then looked around at St. Mark's Books.  It reminded me of our life here before kids, such a long time ago now.

Later, I got out of my tight grading situation by taking inspiration from Lara, who reported on Fb that she was COMPLETELY caught up in her grading.  I got to work and graded six papers in a row, when usually all I can stand to do in a day is three.

I wonder if Melville was a procrastinator.  He was certainly had his share of tight places.

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  1. this moby dick reading looks cool! though, as you said, writers don't always make the best readers, and you really need to read well to do m.d. so many cool words. so much weird syntax. hope stella had a fun bday!