Tuesday, November 13, 2012


that's me on the right, the ghost pumpkin, the absence of pigment.

tonight i feel blank.

not in a bad way.

not happy.

not sad.



it's kind of a rare state for me.

today is my really long day--2.5 hours of commuting, 7 hours of class, plus all the grading, prep, and writing.  i don't stop at all on tuesdays.  so maybe i'm just drained.

tomorrow is the last day of my week-long purge, and i have to come up with one more thing to get rid of from my life--something i don't absolutely need, is a financial, emotional, or physical drain. or something that doesn't bring pleasure, happiness, peace or some other inherent good.  or even something that's good but that keeps me from doing more important or necessary activities.

i gotta think of something, but i'm just too empty right now.

legwear: black tights

inspiration: emptiness

looking forward: to cooking festive thanksgiving dishes

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