Wednesday, November 7, 2012

silent family dinner

sunday dinner at bam's is the best.  matt always sports an untied bow tie.

tonight we sat at the wednesday family dinner table, eating silently, listening to radiohead, each of us lamenting a kind of hard and boring day.

bammy's chicken marbella & fab hair.

but we did it anyway.  we sat and supped.  i made dinner, got everyone together, and ate. and we talked.  a little.

the view from bam's deck.

some nights are so happy and loud, some nights stressful, some nights surprising or funny.  you never know.  & you'll never find out if you don't do it.

here's my little plug for sitting down with your family every night you can.  & a plug for making that happen as often as you can.  it's a small but significant anchor in the day, and it puts everything in it's place.

sunday dinner in fall.

i know julie eats frequently in the living room of her amazing  city.  i eat in my suburban kitchen.  either way, it's the sitting, the talking, and the being together that counts.

i love to know what people eat for dinner, what they talk about, what time they eat, what they listen too, any details, small and large about this quotidian event.  i want a giant list of dinner details.  dinner for one, dinner for two, dinner for ten.

so share if you have anything.  anything at all.

go ahead & make my day a little less boring!


  1. Dinner tonight--9:30 pm, spaghetti made by Amelia, seven layer dip from QFC. Too tired.

  2. I like Bam's style and what are you wearing? It's good!