Sunday, November 25, 2012


whisking and editing
a weird combo of happenings tonight.  nothing weird weird, just not our typical sunday night.

kale and meatball soup with cranberry cheddar grilled cheese.
first off, we didn't go to bam's for dinner as she was recuperating from thanksgiving. we had her over here, and i made stock with the turkey bones (i love turkey stock way more than turkey meat), then put together a soup of the turkey stock, kale, mushrooms, noodles, and lamb and sausage meatballs.  it tasted so good.  you just want vegetables after a week of feasting.

aunt bonnie doing dishes in cool tights.
secondly, the simpson's was just.  off tonight.  funny moments, but not the best episode.

compulsive editing & simultaneous cooking.
thirdly, i try not to do work on sundays, to shut off my brain for a day and re-set, but i got really caught up in the paper i'm working on, and kept going back to it and revising all day.  even whilst whipping cream to put on leftover pumpkin pie and bread pudding.

you know when you just finish writing something and you keep going back to check on it and admire it, before the loathing sets in and you realize how crappy it is?  yeah.  that.
well.  good evening, and happy normal week to you all!

legwear: black pointelle tights

inspiration: homer (the poet AND the simpson) and rich turkey stock

looking forward to: yoga, school, and work.  normalcy.


  1. Are you writing about Homer? So is Amelia! And we're watching O Brother Where Art Thou in honor of the Odyssey. I made lentil and barley soup w/rutabagas. And toasted the last of the T-giving rolls w/butter. Love you guys!


    1. no, writing on shelley. much less fun than homer! but i'm reading the illiad and odyssey to moses. so much better than harry p.! still with lots of killing, weapons and violence.

  2. I think you should devote your Sunday writing time to personal essays for Dialogue. Just sayin' :)

    1. well, kristine, it just so happens i'm working on some non-fiction essays at the moment. i may have something for you by january. . . .