Friday, November 23, 2012

the feast &

we missed you, ingrid!

1.  ingrid feasted in d.c., made grandma wendy's rolls.

2.  first thanksgiving in four years with eva.

rutabagas with roasted ginger pears.  confession:  i used 1 c. cream rather than the measly 1/3 c. called for.
3.  every year i try a new vegetable side.  this year it was smashed rutabagas with roasted ginger pears, and i'm pleased to announce that, for the first time in years, a new fantastic dish made it into the thanksgiving cannon and will be repeated.

nora & rose made this.

4.  the twins made marshmallow fluff.

crescents & cloverleafs

5.  eva i made grandma wendy's rolls in utah, too.  they weren't as good as hers.  they never are.

6.  bammy hosted, so it was an easy day for me.

the kids table gets smaller each year.
7.  we tried to see pitch perfect, but it was sold out.

8.  i missed my family in boise, arizona, sydney, and seattle.

caramelized apple & currant bread pudding.  i was gonna do chocolate, but thankfully lula talked me out of it.

9.  the lights are up on candy cane lane!

10.  don't you think black friday is one of the most depressing things in the world?

legwear:  fishnets

inspiration: bammy

looking forward to: finishing the odyssey with moses today.


  1. yes--yes I do, re: black friday. fishnets! love!

  2. Hey! Rutabagas look SOOOO good. I will remake the green beans but with some modifications. I made WAY too many rolls. Wish we were there!!!

  3. the rutabaga dish looks transcendent. was it wildly embraced?

    1. the rutabaga fans were into it. i don't know if "wildly" describes it. it was best in the morning when i ate a few spoonfuls whilst preparing it. it got a little overwhelmed by the massive feast surrounding it. i did find the flavors transcendent, actually. subtle and nuanced.

  4. I read a thing recently saying that chocolate has no place at a Thanksgiving table, and I think I agree. Thanksgiving is an all-American holiday, and chocolate is an exotic flavor.

    1. i think you're correct. the flavor profile is just off for thxG.

  5. I always trust Lula's taste. Always. She and I talked today as she window-shopped at the River Woods mall. I made rutabagas today and added them to a tasty barley/lentil soup. Love you! Feelin' Christmassy!