Thursday, November 8, 2012

thursday: a list

i wore these tights for good luck on election day.   it worked!
1. arose at 5.30 a.m., which feels incredibly easy what with daylight savings and all.  selected orange skinny jeans to wear.  regretted that decision all day long.

2. taught students about stasis, definitional & resemblance arguments, ethical/evaluation arguments, proposal arguments, & causal arguments.  obviously we had a rockin' good time.

3.  read byron's don juan, canto II.  discussed why byron disliked the lake poets (too obscure and blah, blah, blah-ish, too sure that the lack of book sales during their lifetimes was an indication of genius and future place in the great cannon.)

4. got a good response on my letitia landon paper.  super relieved about that.

5.  picked up car from the mechanics.  again.

6. ate fajitas at beto's with christian.  sat for a half-hour and did nothing.  finished reading manuscripts for writer's group.

7.  attended my writer's group.  they seemed to like my poem about 7-11, slurpees, hot dogs, and curbside philosophers.

8.  picked up groceries at day's market on the way home. lula requested that i buy pesto for her to eat with the homemade bread she was making while i was at writing group.  i bought it for her, because i love that girl so much i'll do pretty much anything for her.

9. came home to the smell of baking bread.  put away the groceries.  ate a slice of lula's homemade bread with butter and honey.  she had used half almond flour in the bread and it really worked.  she's culinarily gifted.

10.  tucked the kids into bed.  about to sink into my own bed and watch elementary, the new sherlock holmes, starring aidan quinn as holmes and lucy liu as watson.

legwear:  cropped orange skinny jeans

inspiration: writing something new for next month's writer's group

looking forward to: thursday night t.v.  on dvr.  isn't that pathetic?

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  1. Awesome list! So glad you got a good response on your paper!