Sunday, March 4, 2012

lady times solidarity

solidarity, yes!

in my years of teaching writing and literature, i've heard a lot of b.s. about sexism, racism, classism, (like how they don't exist, are not relevant any more since it's been sooooooo long since the civil rights bill passed, how feminism puts white dudes out of work, etc.)

you know, the people who are responsible for rush limbaugh still having a job.

which utterly defies logic.

sadly, most students are inexperienced and ill-informed, and are looking at the world from relatively priveleged eyes in the global scheme of things.

that's why i'm excited about international women's day on thursday, the vida count, the crunk feminist collective, one of my all time favorite websites woman stats *, and this article today.

this is a good week to get informed.  even if you think you're already totally rad and awesome, becoming more informed will make you even more sexy than you already are.

first fact to know:  ladies find smart people super hot. 

the facts are clear:  violence, poverty, and discrimination against women are still rampant, and, what woman stats makes clear is that where women are not educated, protected, and free, the entire community around them suffers right along with them.

take care of women, you're taking care of everyone.

it's only common sense, but sometimes we need a study to back up what we (should) already know.

p.s.--i'll be reading poetry this thurday at a women's day reading.  here's the info.

legwear:  black tights

inspiration:  getting the facts straight

looking forward: to international women's day

*  here's what woman stats is all about:  The WomanStats Project is the most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world. The Project facilitates understanding the linkage between the situation of women and the security of nation-states. We comb the extant literature and conduct expert interviews to find qualitative and quantitative information on over 310 indicators of women's status in 174 countries. Our Database expands daily, and access to it is free of charge.

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