Tuesday, March 27, 2012

girl in tight place needs sleeves made of tights

first of all:

it's spring so


like edna st. vincent millay says:

comes in like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.


like gerard manley hopkins says:

what is all this juice 
and all this joy?

& tonight

i'm reading a poem about spring

with the byu chamber orchestra

& i say:

bury me 

in the stream

of your e, spring.


i needed a sleeve for my dress

tonight & i remembered

my friend andi's

sleeves made of tights.

(andi's a genius

& never wears anything

straight off the rack--it's always

tweaked or belted

or de-sleeved or re-sleeved

or lengthened or shortened.

girl has vision.)

so i found this

totally precious

youtube of a canadian

goth mom

making sleeves for

"under your corset, or dress

or whatever."

it's pure

genius, pure juice and joy,

and idiotic blooming

and bursting &

busting out of winter.

(i mean, she's

completely deadpan,

but i know  the bubbling

spring is in there somewhere.)

*i'm thinking of julie today as she says farewell to her father. what a hard day.  i hope it's also beautiful for her.  love to you and your family, julie.


  1. That is totally genius – and so well timed! I happen to have a pair of brand new very expensive merino wool leggings, a late-winter splurge worn by me exactly three times, that showed up the other day with the entire crotch missing, a hole big enough to dunk a basketball ... my young lab mix sitting atop the wreckage looking guilty as all getout ... And now I know what to do with them. For the dog: longer walks in the morning. For the tights: sleeves. Thanks, GITP!

    1. that's a thrilling story, tinarama. i hate throwing away favorite tights.