Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a dolphin looked into my soul

i've done some loud complainin' this week about lady injustice, so today, a tribute to a lady who just flat out brings it.

a little comic relief from the serious ills of the world.

the lady comedian has to be something special, have a special confidence, the moxie to play the gender spectrum, the guts to be unattractive in an industry where most gals are valued for their youth & their bodies.

melissa mccarthy totally rocks my world.  i watched bridesmaids again today (with lula--sorry--used up some good mom karma there), and srsly, that girl melissa should have won an oscar.

here's one of her many great scenes from bridesmaids.


  1. Have you sent it back yet?! If not, save it! I haven't seen yet.

  2. I need to watch this when everyone's not engaged in homework. I've never seen this film!

    1. yes, evie! julie, it's not that good, but the melissa mccarthy stuff makes it worth it, for me any way.