Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet Graphic Designer, Bulgarian in New York, Maria Petrova

Editor's Note:  When I first met Maria several years ago, she inspired me with her great outfits, design sense, and cool Bulgarian accent.  But soon I learned that I had reason to be even more impressed by her:  Maria is one of the kindest, most open and warm people I've ever met.  She once spent the middle of one day in my kid's class, telling her immigration story (plus teaching Bulgarian dance and culture) to augment the students' year-long Immigration study.  I have had long, meandering talks with Maria around our city, including one at the floating restaurant on the Hudson, which she introduced me to.  It can be hard to make a new friend in this town, so I am lucky to have found Maria. 

 About Maria:
Maria Petrova is a graphic designer living in NYC. She enjoys the blessings of the body more so than the mind, despite being raised by a very academic father who wouldn't let her take modern dance classes. It's been a slow evolution towards honoring femininity in all its aspects, and integrating body and soul. Maria is a student of BodyTalk, a complimentary healing system that treats the deep emotional archeology of the body to bring healing and balance in all aspects of the present.

 1.  Are you in a tight place?  If so, what are you doing about it?  I'm in a tight place whenever I believe my fearful thoughts. It can get very crowded in there, up in my head. I have to exhale and clear the clutter. Meditation is my survival mechanism. Loosens things up
2.  What do you want to get done this year? I want to have a solid yoga practice, and I'm getting there. It's not daily yet, but I'm respecting my body's limits. Patience & persistence together.

3. What inspires you?  I'm inspired by people who react with the greater good in mind. Anytime someone is justified in being angry but chooses to look kindly on the situation, that reaction empowers everyone. I'm inspired by people who can communicate their truths honestly, without fear. I'm inspired whenever people surprise me with their kindness.

4. What's your favorite legwear?  Patterned tights by far! I'm a designer, so I'm crazy about patterns. I also like the challenge they pose in being so flowery and graphic that everything else I'm wearing has to be super simple. Nice exercise in contrast & balance. I'm often jealous of the boys (no periods), but when it comes to legwear — we got the better deal by far!

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  1. I love Maria! she is a wise and kind friend!