Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tights to Wake Up For

In Tompkins, this woman wore tights emblazoned with Apple's apple.  

Do you see the leaves in both pics in different parts of the city?  It's fall, L.

Because it's fall, I've been on a tights spree.  Really, I must be stopped.   Today I bought khaki tights and red houndstooth weave tights.  

I finally stopped outside of Cookbooks.  All vintage cookbooks all of the time. Next time, I'm going in.  This photo doesn't capture its charm.  The second story windows have flowering window boxes!  A dreamscape!

Truth be told, I'm dragging myself through the week.  I blame the debates, and most particularly Mittens, for agitating me so much I couldn't sleep.  Still trying to catch up/  

1 comment:

  1. wow. that tights photo is fantastic. i really, really want to go to cookbook. i'm looking for a copy of the joy of cooking that's not falling apart, and that has the illustrations of the woman's hand in a black ballet sleeve demonstrating various techniques such as lattice work on a pie, encrusting a frosted cake with toasted almonds, etc.