Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Off on the Tights Foot

Title pun!

Old boots/New tights.  Brand new tights.

Tonight, after a spell last week of less-than-great classes, I taught a class with only ten minutes notice . . . and it was one of the best classes I've ever taught.  Why is that?

Tuesday is my projects day.  I sent two stories out to . . . not that many places, but what little I did felt good. 

Before work, I ducked into my favorite bookstore/cafe for 30 minutes instead of showing up to work early.

My bike ride home tonight was sublime, the night warmer than expected.   The streets were nearly free of cars.  Pedestrians I swerved around looked like they were about to have fun.  Who knows what Tuesday night might bring for them?

I pedaled up the Bowery, the Empire State Building, glowing through the lingering mists that had been this day, and felt full of optimism.

Which is weird, because I had thought this was going to be a bad week, but right now it feels kind of good.

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