Friday, October 12, 2012

Boys are Back in Town

Earlier I was with Lara's husband, C and C's bro-in-law, G.  They are both in from the west to play the Monk marathon at Spectrum tomorrow night.  This was taken at Mission Chinese.  After that we went to the New Museum, then Il Laboratorio Gelato, Culturefix, then the Angel Orensanz Center.  I can't wait to see them tomorrow night.  (Guess what, Lara?  G knew our waiter from the music scene in SEATTLE?!)

THEN later--I met up with an old friend from Utah, J.  I met J the first semester of grad school at the U--Fall '88.  J was a film major from Ogden.  Now he's a recruiter for a law school in San Francisco.  Here he is with his boyfriend, R.  J bought me a cone at the Big Gay Ice Cream truck.  Before that we'd gone to my favorite Vietnamese place on Orchard and had edamame salsa with a big sesame cracker.  (I also took them up to Spectrum for five minutes.)

I never do this much on a Friday, never hang with so many boys, never eat so much food.  I feel like I've already had a very full weekend.

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  1. Makes me hungry. Makes me miss the city. Makes me even sorrier I missed Monk Marathon at Locust Lane on my birthday. I love CA and GC and would really like to eat at Mission Chinese with them and have such impressive sounding gelato after visiting the New Museum. We have impressive gelato in Utah made by Mark and Elizabeth England, bro in law to CA.