Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebrating Wednesday

I was seriously going to write a long blog post, but missed my window. I did want to report however that S and I went out four hours ago to catch The Hungry March Band make their way through the East Village. (The above video is a daytime version of THMB from last Feb.) We followed them for awhile. I was physically restrained whenever I tried to dance. "One more block," I urged S. "Let me have one more block."

Tonight there were three other groovy marching bands, including the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and one from Italy, circulating through the East Village.  (On our way home, S and I ran into two more!)   They were all eventually converging at The Delancey for more music and maybe, yes, brass-oriented mayhem.

What was the occasion? NO OCCASION!--as far as I could tell, and that's what was/is so lovely about it. They were celebrating Wednesday night, another day of being alive. I'm trying to celebrate that, too, as I move through a week where much is expected of me.

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