Saturday, October 27, 2012

full draft

i finished a draft of my first paper of the semester.  so much anxiety, now gone!  it's so scary to write a critical paper after years away from the critical paper racket.  i sat on my bed all day in my nightgown, only going out to get our traditional saturday morning donuts (one chocolate frosted with sprinkles, two cherry turnovers, and a pecan sticky bun) and then in the afternoon for a fish taco from beto's with c., eaten in the car on the way home.

i forgot to eat dinner, so i'm making some popcorn now to celebrate the completion of the draft.

i also missed the neighborhood halloween parties tonight, one of which i've attended every year since we moved her ten years ago.  that party has a disco ball, strobe lights, and club music, and it's pretty much the one time a year i dance any more.  sad.  ingrid suggested i dress as isabella stewart gardener, one of john singer sargent's portrait subjects, and that c. go as john singer sargent.

alas, we are lame in the costume department.  one of these years i'll get my act together.  it's all i can do to see that the kids are outfitted.  i have to live vicariously through ingrid, who was dali parton this year. pictures to come.  last year she was babraham lincoln.  she's a halloween genius.

i'm sad i missed the parties, but so freakin' relieved to have pumped out that draft that i hardly have room for a second emotion.

legwear:  bare plus footie socks

inspiration: letitia landon, puffery, and phantasmagoria

looking forward to: brunch with a dear, dear friend

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