Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dissing the Apocalypse

I keep wondering what else we need to do for storm prep.  We probably don't have enough water, although we did find our flashlights and two other boxes of matches.  

I couldn't even think much about the storm.  I had to ignore the apocalypse for awhile and think about making an H costume for S.  One our way to the art supply store, we turned on 2nd Street and ran into a little community garden having a rare open house.  A group of authentic looking hippies were on a circle of stone benches having an ersatz jam.  The Gerry Rafferty classic "Baker Street" was being covered as I came in.  It was so delightful that I went to the gallery next door to get A and bring him over.  

Btw, the gallery next door was having a fantastic exhibit called Mad Supper--"Halloween celebrated Japanese Kawaii Style."  I have no idea what that means--even after seeing the exhibit, but I hope to attend the closing party on Halloween night, if I haven't been too storm crippled.  (Photo below.)

After frustrating little small sandwiches at Mile End, we found the foam core we needed, and frivolous items that had nothing to do with storm prep.  

One of the Mad Supper pieces.

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