Sunday, October 7, 2012

a new week

at the monk marathon
i don't have to be filled with trepidation about next week as i usually am on a sunday night (or sundee, as it's sometimes pronounced in utah) because,



not only that, it's fall break for me monday-friday, and fall break for my kids wednesday-friday.  does anyone understand the significance of this?  i have three days off while my children still have school.  it's golden.  granted, i have to grade a bunch of stuff and work on my seminar paper, but still, a few days off of my regular routine is much needed right now.

one more random thing:

i was telling my sister about the monk marathon--about how cool it was watching the musicians, over the span of six hours, morph into completely different human beings and musicians.  it's really unlike anything i've ever witnessed.  how, once in a while, they'd rush to a really fast bathroom break, or shove a couple of cheese and crackers into their mouths, then back to the music. how, at around midnight, after i'd walked a guest out to the car, i came back in and there was a stanky stank in the room, due to hours of physical exertion, and the music was stanky, too, and it became so loose and weird and cool and stripped down, and the music was stripped down, and

the musicians in the band are really cool anyway,

but they got way cooler in the space of an evening.

my sister told me she would love to see that as a documentary, and i thought it was a pretty decent idea.

i mean,

super awkward  for me to suggest someone should make a documentary of my husband,

but it was actually my sister who came up with it, and she has really great ideas so, i mean, all i'm doing is just reporting on it.

k.  that's it.  i'm gonna go watch some sherlock, hit the sack, and get ready for a week of work, rest and a little play down in the south of utah.

hope you all have a great week, too.  it's gotta be the most beautiful autumnly week of the year.


  1. yeah! i love your life right now! why am i filled with such trepidation about the coming week?

  2. So jealous of fall break...