Sunday, October 7, 2012

salon on conference saturday

farmer's market tomatoes--last week or two of this bliss.
1) got my hair done in real salon today, the kind where they offer you a drink, give you a scalp massage at the shampoo bowl, and carry your purse, drink, and magazines from station to station for you.  it's been years!  and it was quite glorious.

2) made chicken soup--so good!  with tons of fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes from the farmer's market, some lemon & chili garlic sauce.  ate pizza on the grass from the wood-fired pizza guy.  pistachio and cream pizza.  very good.

3) ate at black sheep cafe.  grandma beth took us, and it was so good.  again.

4) visited my mom, who's been battling a bad infection the whole time she's been in town.  i'm super mad at that infection.

5) suddenly chilled.  even in tights, boots, and a jacket. it's finally fall. & yesterday is really hitting me right about now.  too many big days this week.  good night.  again.

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