Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tights High

Tumeric?  Or marigold?  What color are these tights?

I was so excited to put them on this morning, brand new, and the right size.  Brown boots.  Fall and stuff, Lara.

This color, these tights on my legs, got me through my day.


  1. you look like one of my favorite flowers--the little purple pansy.

  2. How could that color not fix what ails you? Two days ago I spent a couple lucky hours up at Big Springs, sitting by a stream, watching trees rain that color, and reading a book of classic Welsh stories. I need tights like yours to help me through regular days, as a reminder that they do occasionally come.

    Also, re: Lara's Primary song reference. In the ward where I grew up there was a tiny towhead Sunbeam with silver teeth who sang that song: "Little purple panties touched with yellow gold."

  3. oh, georgia, that's the best! i'm only gonna sing it "little purple panties" from now on. julie, only you can pull of the bold stripes, the marigolds, and the hot pinks. and some day we need a post on tights' sizing. cuz the wrong sized tight is hell.

    1. Lara, that's the only way we sing it at our house. I've converted others to the true lyric over the years. Glad you've joined the choir!