Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Museumazing: An Avenue C Jaunt

I was very touched by my visit to a just opened NEW MUSEUM today, Lara.  I feel very deeply moved when anyone organizes a bunch of info for permanent display.  The idea that I grew up far and away from museum centers and did not see a bonafide art museum until I was 24 years old (the art gallery in the HFAC doesn't count) kinda blows my mind.  

This new NYC museum called the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space claims the storefront of a still operating and famous squat in the East Village on Ave C.  And the Museum (or MoRUS) seems largely put together by earnest 20-somethings and is both cerebrally and visually stimulating.  It's tiny, but impressive and not quite finished.  I was touched by the large sticky notes detailing still unfinished projects, and they still don't have proper curatorial cards.  C must visit, if he has time, Lara.  But that's not all . . . .

The have a cute gift shop, too.

The stairs to the lower level

Sticky notes
Continuing down C, we spotted a raging Oktoberfest celebration complete with live polka music and gigantic steins.
We ended our Ave C jaunt at Bikini--a Spanish cafe staffed by a gregarious vaguely androgynous young man from Valencia.

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  1. i love that it opened unfinished. looks great--can't wait to visit. might start putting up sticky notes around the house. trying not to think about how i'm NOT coming next week.