Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saved by a Dress

Lara, one of the most difficult day in a good six months just ended with a barrage of obscenities from one of the workers at an even next door tangling with one of my confrontational neighbors.  Very pleasant.

The day felt like an endurance test, with moments of psychic and physical, and was punctuated with S and I trying to make up for Z's lame-ish birthday yesterday.  (Cake from Black Hound Bakery, Lara.) (Plus, I read on Fb that Obama was a tad lackluster in the debates tonight, which makes sense in terms of the day I had.  O, we were both off, if that helps.)

One bright spot:  seeing the dress below practically float in a shop window on my way home.  Can you tell that the bodice is made of fabric autumn leaves?

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