Friday, January 18, 2013

sundance, day 2: a list

1) i started out the day writing morning pages, including this vow:  "today i will not be cynical."  i knew i would need some sort of intentional focus as i tramped around the festival, watching passersby glancing at my name tag to see if i was someone they should know. 

i wasn't.

i'm nobody.  who are you?  

but i stayed mostly happy and in the moment all day, not letting my thoughts waft in an existential direction. have i ever told you my mantra?  i repeat it to myself if i think there's a chance i might freak out.  goes like this:

don't think don't think
don't think don't think don't think.

works great.  give it a try some time.

2) then to austenland, a film by jerusha hess of napoleon dynamite fame.  a good midday romp to start off the festival.  nothing existential whatsoever in the film.  full write up to come.

oh, sat by rich white guys discussing (rather loudly) how hard the tax hike was going to be for folks making more than a million a year.  i wished i had a hankie to whip out and hand to them.

3) scored a pass to the miami lounge and some swag.  lula's wearing a cute hat i got there.  too bad it has a patron label on the back.  i'll try to pick it off later.

4) attended red carpet to emmanuel and the truth about fishes, a film from director francesca gregorini, daughter of barbara bach (bond girl) and step-daughter of ringo starr.  ringo was in attendance. as were cast members jessica biehl, sam jaeger, jimmie simpson, alfred molina (!!!) and rooney mara.  i got to do quick interviews with molina and simpson.  guess who was way, way smarter and more articulate?  that's right.  molina.  i really, really wanted to chat with gregorini, and she was the whole reason i attended, but the red carpet ended before she got to me. 

stood by canadian journalists on the red carpet.  canadians are the bomb!

5) took anna and joe, the photgraphers for the red carpet, to the annie leibovitz/ stella artois party.  ate some anti-pasti and marveled with anna, snarkily, at how tacky the stella girls looked.  fun though.  no sighting of annie leibovitz.

so, on the way home, the void started widening, but now i'm lying in bed blogging and watching garfield with moses, so everything's cool again.

but sometime, sometime soon, we need to talk.

oh, and legwear?  this is genius, and ingrid turned me on to it:  two pairs of tights. 


  1. You got glances at your tag!?! THAT'S SOMETHING! Seriously. And wow--best mantra ever. Can I have it?

  2. Can you define some of the terms here? What's the Miami Lounge and why should I care? Because I already do care; I'm just not sure why. And swag? Say more!

  3. Lara, your mantra is a good one. The whole reason for
    meditating is so that you won't think. So you've got it
    right. Sounds like you are having a good time in spite
    of all the phoniness? Sure hope so. Having a ball in