Friday, January 11, 2013

Week One Funk

We met this congenial fellow last night.  I'm trying to channel his seemingly perpetual good mood today.
Rough start to a new year, but I'm trying not to see it as a bad thing.

I'm trying to sit with and feel out my funk.

In spite of it, I've been writing.  Here's the lastest regarding my book project:

Pages:  76
Word count:  18,229

I'm a pretty slow and careful writer, so I'm hoping the book doesn't need much revising and that I can get this in by the end of Feb deadline.


  1. that's good progress, my dear. proud of you for working through the funk.

  2. The red tattoo is so pretty - I want to copy that (maybe not on the face, though).
    I still want to read your book some day so am glad to hear it's coming along. When will I be able to order a copy?
    Love to you today and all days! Tina.