Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Wendy Stance

I need to channel Wendy's stance for 2013
1.  I wasn't going to blog but then Lara did, posting a great photo of Ing.

2.  So I'm responding by posting a photo of the girl that came by Fed Ex today:  Wendy O. Williams, with whom I've become recently obsessed.   "Onward!" she seems to be saying.  Yes.

3.  I haven't been able to write at all so far this weekend.  I will try to once I finish this post.

4.  I walked around a lot aimlessly and bought two books today.

5.  I did some apartment therapy, attacking my ersatz "office" space--going through boxes of ephemera, letters I wrote to my grandparents in the '70s, fliers and ticket stubs from the '80s.  Assignments I wrote for my English 101 students in the '90s.  Yes, I've kept all of those things.

6.  One of the things I found was a small journal I kept during my trip to Europe in 1992.  I was so glad to find this, because I took no photos.   Oddly, did not bring a camera.  But I did write.  Here's an entry:

August 3, 1992
I have to sit and write in view of the Eiffel Tower, because it is the corniest place in the world to do it. I spent the night in a train station last night--actually a megalopolis train station.  Sci-fi and airport like with silver bullet-shaped trains.  I stayed the night curled up next to an ex-model who had put on a lot of weight.  (Her words.)  A very, very nice and pleasant girl, Jocelyn Swan.  I will see [my French friend] Stephanie soon.  I'm proud of myself that I found where to meet her.  I am by the Eiffel Tower which I had wanted to see though I had never wanted to admit it.

7.  And guess what?  I'm realizing a long time wish and going to Paris again in two months.

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