Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CamusGinsbergBurroughsSimonKrupaMoon: A Better Day

Tights: Butternut cable, the kind five year olds wore in the 70s.

Word Count: 20,740

I think I got some better words today.

I have to spend time with this novel every day.  It's like going to the gym.  If I don't, well that will be bad.

I'm reading this book:

 Lara, you won't believe me, but it's as riveting as a Ken Burns' documentary.  Did you know Paul Simon is only five four?

Today the counter boy was welcoming when I showed up in his cafe to write.  I was the only person there.  The boy was reading Camus, and had a Moleskin notebook face down on the counter.  He told me he's a poet and a philosopher and reads "What all people of my age read:  Ginsberg, Burroughs."

Isn't it strange how perennial those writers are?  Young people have all generations have read those dudes since they were first publishing.  I know I did.

Later, while making split pea soup with the not quite full cup of split peas I found in the bottom of a drawer, I watched this: .
Did you know that Keith Moon was influenced by Gene Krupa?  At least that's what Alice Cooper was speculating here.

I know I haven't talked about any female artists in this post.  Except for me. :-)

I learned a lot today Lara.


  1. hey--seems like you got around 200 words? that's a lot. the cable tights sound great. i love cable tights, but hate putting them on and trying to get the cables to go straight. you're inspiring me to read more text on paper and read less online snippets in a haphazard fashion. thanks for posting. hope to hear more about what you learned to day.

  2. i think i meant 2000. 1200. 200. whatever. the thing is, you wrote new words.