Friday, January 11, 2013

vintage fur, friday list, date night

vintage fur & laundry in the background.
1. i found this camel coat with fur trim, thrifted from seattle's value village years ago, buried in the back of my closet.  i was also given a gift certificate for a vintage fur item from decades in salt lake city.  i need to get up there and pick it out.  do people feel okay about vintage fur over new fur?

2. friday yoga.  i forced myself out of the house and into the snow, knowing i would ultimately be glad i did.  it was a great class, and i was warm, finally from the exertion.  also, i got to practice next to & have a little gossip session with artist & sandwich aficionado josh graham before class.  it reminded me of how much i miss being at walden this year, and how much i hope sandwich boy will come up with a new post for us soon.

new dress.
3. date night.  i was warm enough from yoga to wear my new dress.  we went to bombay house, thinking that the hearty, spicy food would be perfect for tonight.  it was.

4.  christian's watching another in a series of '80's no wave films--unmade beds (actually, this one was made in '76, and features debbie harry).  dude has an attention span.  i both enjoy and am annoyed by those films and their studied naivete.  maybe it's just embarrassing because i remember how stunningly moved i was by works such as, say, jean paul sartre's nausea.  or maybe i turn out to be more of a nineties girl.

5.  completed all lesson plans and handouts for classes next week.  paid bills, did laundry (ingrid folded & put away), started my "apartment" therapy--the january cure-- & got totally overwhelmed, did some housework and organizing.  enough to get me by for a time.  no writing today.  i might try to do a little before bed tonight.

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  1. i used to watch those films a lot, too. at least the ones we could rent on vhs and watch on our rented vhs players at provo video stores. remember having video parties that lasted like ten hours? so what's up with that dress? fab. and the source?