Sunday, January 6, 2013

On a Train: Girls in a Free Place

It's funny that after a year of of near daily blogging in '12, I'm a little shy about mucking up the internet  in '13.

The past week's been transitional.  (And right now--right NOW--I'm writing this on a train.)  As much as we needed a break from the blog, I haven't enjoyed my break.  I missed having a frame around my day, something to raise the stakes--even a little. I missed being connected to Lara, and feeling connected to something larger than myself.

The blog was good.

I had mentioned on 12/31/12, that I wanted to make '13's blog practical.  At this moment, I'm not sure exactly what that means.  But I have some ideas, still forming.  We've still just stepped into January.

One idea was to focus on general things that would help create a job-enhancing writing identity.  These things include:

1.  Writing.
2.  Sending.
3.  Querying agents. 

So this blog will hopefully stay on track with this.

Also, January is month wherein I particularly feel my tight place.

So, I need to work the metaphor of free/freedom/freeing this year.  Girls in a Free Place.

No new year's resolutions except complete the weekly tasks that you will see.

My tasks for this week:

1.  Finish Night People story and send to four places.
2.  Work on the manuscript for a February 28th deadline.
3.  Look up agents.

It's this silly?  Silly is a good place to start.


  1. i especially like the specificity of #1. can't wait to see what your weekly goals produce. i need to break it down for myself in a similar fashion--thanks for the motivation. and welcome to GITP (or FP) 2013!

  2. Free is the new practical.

    (What does that mean?)